Writing a Research Proposal

23 Feb

My research project is fully decided.  I will be holding artifact identification events at local museums and historical societies and recording where the Paleoindian/Early Archaic projectile points were collected, as well as examining state records for Paleoindian components in sites in the Allegan, Ottawa, and Kent counties.  These data will be compiled into a comprehensive database and a distributional map created.  Hopefully altogether, statistically probable Paleoindian sites with be able to be identified.  Time permitting, these data will be analyzed through GIS technologies and perhaps submitted to PIDBA.

Onward to the research proposal.

Cleverly enough, I scheduled it so that I can write a research proposal and use the same information for my Archaeological Methods proposal.  Now, because its a cross-discipline scholars program, the people at McNair have issued a proposal template.  Jan has given us the assignment in Methods to base it off of some NSF proposals.  These are great, truly to see the format, style and flow.

However, for someone who has never written anything like this before it can be quite a hard task.

I’m having trouble stating my research question, writing an abstract, and planning a budget.  The only thing that isn’t troubling me thus far is the literature review, which is really a glorified research paper stating the background of the subject of the research, as in what has been done before.

Well, I still have a few weeks.  Right now I have to concentrate on midterms, papers, and exams for classes that are all due in the upcoming week.  Wish me luck!


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