About the Undergrad

The origination for this blog stems from my own personal need for organized thoughts, a way to destress from classes and other obligations, and as a sort of diary for myself so that I may look back upon my last three semesters as an undergrad and see how far I’ve come.

About me? 

Academically, I currently attend Grand Valley State University.  My major is Anthropology, minoring in Archaeology with strong interests in geology, environment, and prehistoric North America.  Specifically within this is coastal archaeology, Pacific coastal migration theories into North America, maritime subsistence strategies, and Late Pleistocene/Early Holocene environmental changes that affect these things – with particular interest in the Northwest Coast and Great Lakes regions.  I am in the McNair Scholar’s Program for summer of 2011, still working on my research topic as of now, but it will be following some of my areas of interest.

Personally, I’m a pretty average 23 year old young woman trying to get ahead in life and make my own future.  I have a great and very commited guy who I’m unofficially engaged to.  I’m on a perpetual diet, because I’m typically never happy with my weight.  I love to play video games on my rare offtime, such as World of Warcraft, other RPGs, and I like brain teaser games and Harvest Moon.  Other things that make me happy is good fiction.  I’m a fan of the fantasy/urban fantasy genre, as well as classical gothic romance and gothic horror – but that doesn’t mean I leave others out if they’re good. Among my favorites are the Harry Potter series, Charles de Lint, Melissa Marr, Mary Shelley, Edgar Allen Poe, and Neil Gaiman.

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