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9 Jan

So what I have been doing to prepare for classes starting tomorrow?

Normally, I would reset my sleep schedule to match my classes.  I tend to be a night owl, but because I rarely take night classes it just doesn’t work out.  Resetting usually involved staying up all night and allowing myself to go to bed when is appropriate or using some aid to go to sleep earlier.  I’m with someone now… who doesn’t like to sleep at all apparently yet sleeps in extremely late. (2pm now and I predict he’ll be in bed for another hour or so…)  And we have this thing about going to bed together.  And after all this time, I now find it quite hard to fall asleep without him – plus the bed is cold!

Luckily for me, my classes don’t start until 11am.  Mind, I’m used to waking up at noon-1pm now.  I’ll be a little tired tomorrow, but overall a little coffee will help me get through.  I’m also dieting to keep my energy up…

More on that diet.  First:  SparkPeople.com is an amazing site.  Now, not everything is accurate.  For example, it lists certain specifications for something like creamy peanut butter, while my particular brand has slightly more calories and protein but less fat.  It is a good way to see what you need to balance, and to be fair they give you a range of cals, carbs, fats, etc that you should be eating probably to correct for those variabilities.  If you are hardcore, you can enter the foods yourself so you know exactly whats what in your daily nutrition.    Second: I really want to be a healthy weight.  I want to be able to be active without needing a break or trailing far behind.  I want to be able to be in the field as long as my body lets me, because archaeology truly is my passion and motivating force for life.  And I want to look damn good in a wedding dress and not slow down a honeymoon in Belize.   Third:  I’m a snacker and a late-night muncher.  Especially when I am stressed, and ooh boy will I be stressed these next 8 months or so.  I want to gain some control over myself, like reaching for carrots instead of cookies, pita and hummus rather than chips.

In turn, this blog is directly related to knowing I’m going to be under lots of stress.  I can talk about these things and stay on track by putting these words out here.  And who knows, maybe I’ll connect with someone in a similar situation as me.  🙂