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Along the lines of possible

13 Feb

Thursday night I started to get sick. Not so unusal for me really. I have a tendency to be sick a lot, poor health, weak body. It doesn’t mean I don’t try, though. If anything, my weaknesses in this area are my reason for overcompensation in other areas. I’m stubborn to a fault.

I had bronchitis during my field school, I couldn’t breath yet there I was to shovel and sift. Jan drove me home and yelled at me to not come in until I was better.

“I’ve got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.”  ~Thomas Carlyle

So, back to the beginning. When I found myself still feeling pretty sick Friday morning, no biggy. Sure it felt a bit worse than normal but that means that it would pass faster. I went to class, could barely think much less concentrate on others’ words, and got through half of the day. And I gave in finally, called for a ride and promptly fell over.

Moral of the story is, that there is such thing as pushing oneself too much. I had planned over Friday night and Saturday to write three papers and study for my Chemistry exam all for Monday. I planned to get caught up on my readings. Instead, I couldn’t get out of bed until this afternoon. My fever averaged 101^F, but peaked at 103^F and I had minor dehydration.

I was planning on spending today work free, using today to celebrate my SO’s birthday and Valentine’s day with him all in one. Instead I’m stuck working because I pushed my body too hard once again.

But so far two of my three papers are done and its only 7:30. I’ve studies some chemistry and I’ve started the third paper. I’ll get it all done tonight, I’m positive, but Valentine’s Day and his birthday celebrations won’t be happening fully until next weekend.

There are three things to take from this:

  1. Don’t push yourself forward so hard that you end up falling behind.   As the Great Aesop said, “Slow and steady wins the race.”  And if that means taking a day off to let yourself recover so that you can continue being 100%, awesome.  Also, not waiting until the last second to get everything that needs to be done over with.
  2. Always make a Plan B.  You can’t be overly disappointed, sad, hopeless, etc when something doesn’t work out becuase there’s always another way.
  3. It really is possible to do anything.  Yeah, half the time I spent in delirium from a fever, the other half crying because I couldn’t concentrate on writing and I thought “Well, there goes my grade. I’ll never get this done!”  But here I am (okay writing a blog post instead of…) doing the work and having most of it done.  All I had to do was keep my calm and just do it.

Motivational Music

11 Feb

Everyone has a favorite song.  Something for pick-me-ups, or something to relate to when sad.  Lyrics that they love to belt out.   Do people have a song that just makes them inspired to be great?  Personally, I do.

Right now, I’m feeling miserable. I’m stressed to all get out, on the verge of tears even, and with the stuffiest nose and sorest throat I’ve had in many months now.  I had to wake up at 6am (normal for me is 9 or 10 – boohoo) to finish career research papers I’ve had weeks to do which will decide my continuation in the McNair Scholars Program.  Another boo to me!

But when I hear Beethoven’s 9th Symphony the world seems a little better.  Its a story.  A getting going, a grand adventure, some loss and losing of the way, but in the end triumphant.  I can make an argument with myself that the 2nd Movement (Scherzo) is my favorite, but it really is the context of the other movements that make it.

If you got a lot of time, listen to the whole symphony.  If not, take a taste of this below. (And as a note, this isn’t the complete 2nd Movement.)

Short summary of the rest of the week…

22 Jan

Car broke down.  Got it towed.  Missed classes because walking 3 miles in -2F didn’t sound so safe to my health. Especially when I don’t know where my ear covers are and my coat doesn’t close.  I also missed my McNair seminar because of the situation, but I have plans to get caught up on that.  And, I’m getting a new (for me) car tomorrow, courtesy of SO’s parents and my dad.  It is quite exciting.  My dad is coming to do a minor fix on the old car that I was driving while bringing the new one, then taking that one home. 

I’ve been busy doing a lot of reading and playing with statistics and graphs for many of my classes.  I ordered two books on amazon, using gift cards I earned through things like internet surveys and Swagbucks.com.  The Early Mesoamerican Village by Kent Flannery and Ungendering Civilization by K. Anne Pyburn.  The first is for ARC 400, the latter for ANT 405.  Both seem pretty interesting, we’ll see.

I’m feeling… down.  In general, stress of everything and missing classes and bad things happening.  Plus SO not having a job at the moment.  Its all very tiresome to me.  I’ve lost myself in not doing schoolwork these past few days.  I need to make a list.  Lists make me feel better for some reason… just knowing exactly what to do and what needs to be done, then ordering it, and checking it off as they are accomplished.  In and of itself its stress relieving.  I’m going to go do that.

Go figure!

18 Jan

When you get more work done you feel less stressed! Go figure!   Well, sometimes I need to remind myself.   Doesn’t help that stress brings out my inability to concentrate without perfect quiet or music blaring in my ears to drown everything else out.  Significant Other has classes two nights a week, tonight and tomorrow night.  Good things that, place to myself and punk rock coming out the stereo at deafening volumes is only allowed when he’s away.

Yesterday, however, was a little more productive.  I got my weekly readings done for Anthro Theory and completed the weekly journal for that class.  I also got three of my five career/interest tests done for my McNair career seminars. Some results? Sure!

True Colors test had me rank categories of words from 1-4 to see what my personality type color is.  My color points:  Green 20; Gold 12; Blue 11; Orange 7.  Gold means something about being dependable, traditional, and organized, Blue is sympathetic and caring, and Orange is adventurous and courageous. (Why do I feel like this is Hogwarts Houses?)  They gave me a looooong printout for Green.

As a Green you may be the most reluctant of all the colors to do things in a traditional manner.  Greens tend to be natural leaders.

You may be an exceptionally deep thinker.  Other may use words about you such as intelligent, clever, or witty.

You respect competence and intellectual abilities both in yourself and in others.  You may want to understand and control the realities of life, and are on the lookout for new projects, new activities and new procedures.  You are usually the driving force behind any organization or activity in which you participate.

Having control can be very important to you, becuase it represents the power to aquire the multiple abilities on which you pride yourself.  You tend to feel best about yourself when you are solving problems and your ideas are recognized.  Many of you (Greens) become entrepreneurs and work for yourselves, because of your need for innovation and control.

You tend to have a very broad base of information and usually know something about a variety of topics or issues.  you are more likely to express a global perspective rather than a narrow one.  In most instances you are an objective thinker who needs to know the theory or the principle behind any concept and detest simplistic explanations.

You can suceed in a variety of occupations as long as the job does not involve too much humdrum routine.  You tend to lose interest once the work is no longer challenging.

As an employee, you may work against the system just for the joy of being one-up on the person in authority.  Guard against this tendency, because this can make for a very unpleasant work environment, and can lead to dismissal.  However, you can be a tremendous asset to any work environment that values your analytical, independent and ingenious nature.

On the list of occupations for that, anthropologist and archaeologist as well as a lot of other science-y jobs feature.

The other one I took, MicroSkills asked me about what work skills I valued the most and had me rank the top 5, middle 10, and last 20 (but leave out about 40 or so of the other skills that I didn’t value at all).  Ratings above 30 are good matches. My top one was 45 and that was production clerk.  FBI agent and Archivist tied at 43.  There’s a whole bunch more, but Archaeolgist (39) and Anthropologist (38) were on the list, so I’m feeling pretty okay with my choice of occupation thus far.  Something that I did find quite interesting was that I scored the same for Archaeologist as I did for Criminologist – which is a field that someone I know (who reads this blog) is interested in and we’re always commenting on how alike our personalities are. 🙂

The third one sent the results to the career counseling center, so I won’t know that until Friday.  And the two others I have to do are handwritten rankings of a list of skills and tasks that I was given that would satisfy me in doing.  I’m finding these things slightly tedious.  I know what I want to do as a career, I know my personality, and I know how well I’d fit into all of it.  I guess its just part of the whole, but by taking time out of day when I could be reading other assignments – or being in class, as these seminars cut into my schedule.

In turn for my getting a bunch of work done… I allowed myself to play some WoW today.  I didn’t really spend my time doing dailies or anything.  Instead, I found myself playing my Tauren Paladin for a little bit.  Oh I know how nerdy this must sound, but a lot of my friends play and its a good way to keep in touch, have some fun, and relax.  They don’t have 12 million players for nothing, you know.  Perhaps this tops off the nerdiness of the game, each race that you can play as has in most cases extensive backstories and origins — I love figuring out the real-life cultural inspiration for these in game races.  For instance, Orcs, my favorite race in the game, bear very close historical traits with some African slaves.  Their relatives back in their homeland as grasslands people who live in huts, they were slaves to both demons and humans at key points in their past.  But they also show some signs of being much like the warring states of fuedal Japan and samurai,  much of their driving force is about honor and loyalty to their clans.  Another, the Tauren, and Plains Indians through and through but I’ll spare the details.  I stayed away from the game for a while, then my SO finally got me to play it and after just a bit of the storyline and lore I was completely hooked.  So now, I’ve been playing for nearly 3 years and still paying $15 a month to do so.

In any case, I need to read one chapter in my Chemistry book still and about 10 more articles for this week and a couple from last week to still catch up on.  If I don’t update my blog every day, I hope that its understandable.

Until next time!