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Why I despise hateful words…

9 Mar

Derogatory terms, racial slurs, hateful words… they come in all forms.  They hurt so many people.

And yet people use some of these words in everyday situations to describe people they don’t like or who piss them off, even in playful ways.  Yet, by showing that these words mean something negative still even in a friendly setting people are perpetuating this hate.  Even if you do not think that being gay is wrong or bad, calling someone a “Faggot” continues the allowance of this hate.  Even if you are not racist, calling someone any racial slur continues the allowance of hate.

Until there is no one getting the shit kicked out of them because of a hate crime, these words are not acceptable in any way.

Through those wonder “six degrees,” the person in the above video is someone that I know.  Technically only two degrees, my best and first friend from elementary school’s close friend.

Said best friend is mixed race, and the fact that I have to even mention race in this day and age makes me upset but there is a point to it.  My second best friend in elementary school was black. We hung out a lot and did a lot together.  And can you actually beleive that I heard my neighbors scolding my mother for letting me get into a car full of black people who were taking me to the Michigan State Fair?  I didn’t understand it then.

Honestly, the biggest shock of my life was that racism still existed and didn’t end with the civil rights movements.  I think that that has been one of the key factors for my worldview ever since.  Seeing this hate disgusts me. It’s interesting to note how many people don’t realize the significance because they haven’t been discriminated against. For the course of the year that he wore his hair in dreadlocks, he had never recieved so many stares and scathing glances, and was just shocked (and somewhat delighted to finally have an understanding) when he wanted to cut them off and the lady at the salon told him that they’d have to be brushed out first because of company policy and the other young woman working actually questioned her saying this as we left.

I don’t know what more I can do as a single person.  I question peoples’ speech and text when they use such words and reprimand them for it.  In most cases of those who I know that use the words, I ask them to at the very least never use them in front of me.  I’m a open supporter of cultural diversity as well as wearing my Allies and Advocates badge proudly on my backpack to let others know that I’m a safe person to talk to.  But what kind of world do we live in where the “safe” people are the ones who have to be marked?

My SO has marks against our gamer profile on Xbox Live because he openly asks, and quite calmly as I’ve witnessed, others not to use those types of words.  Some people are like, sorry dude and don’t.  Other get on him, start calling him those names… until he points out that the gamer profile is set up mainly as me but with both our names.  Yet he gets marks against being “Unsportsman-like.”  This is paradoxical.  He’s getting points against him for asking people to be nicer to each other? To create a friendlier environment?  You should hear the kinds of derogartory things thrown my way when some find out that I’m a girl or think that because our avatar is a girl that Kit is too.  They’re awful and terrible and things that are so hurtful that I can’t imagine where they even came from.

I feel like I can’t do any more than this, so I’m asking everyone.  Please watch what you say, even if you think the company understands the context and what you mean.  Please ask others why they use these types of words.  Please, try to make the world a place where everyone can feel safe.